E-Learning Modules

Previous CTPP tabulations have been based on the decennial census, the American Community Survey (ACS)-based tables represent a significant shift and necessitates education concerning these changes.  Many users are unfamiliar with details of the new CTPP data product.  With the current CTPP release, it is AASHTO’s desire to provide training for users of this data.

To that end, we have developed a series of brief interactive modules to address various aspects of the new CTPP data products.  Each module consists of a “Technical” and an “Executive” track, there is an introductory module that will typically play once, upon accessing the e-Learning for the first time.

The friendly button below will take you to an introductory module that will explain the differences between the two tracks and show system navigation. After viewing (or skipping) the introduction, you can view modules on:

  • The American Community Survey
  • CTPP Data tabulations based on ACS
  • Changes in CTPP: Census Long Form vs. ACS
  • Geography in CTPP
  • Understanding Margin of Error
  • Disclosure Proofing ACS Data in CTPP
  • CTPP Applications (New!)