This page serves as a repository for CTPP-related research papers. If you are aware of papers relevant to CTPP data, please let us know by contacting Penelope Weinberger at

  • Exploring the Role of Worker Income and Workplace Characteristics on the Journey to Work, Chacon-Hurtado et al., 2019 [External Link]
  • Applying Census Data for Transportation (50 Years of Transportation Planning Data Progress), Organized by TRB with Support from AASHTO,  FHWA, and Lawson, 2018 [External Link]
  • Addressing Margins of Error in Small Areas of Data Delivered through the American Fact Finder or the Census Transportation Planning Products Program, Li and Krenzke, 2017 [External Link]
  • Traffic Analysis Zones – How Do We Move Forward? Zhao and Zhao, 2017 [Paper][Slides]
  • A Systematic Review of CTPP Workplace Data, Seo et al., 2017 [Paper]
  • Advancing Transportation Performance Management and Metrics with Census Data, Tasic et al., 2017 [Paper]
  • Understanding the Role and Relevance of the Census in a Changing Transportation Data Landscape, Erhardt and Dennett, 2017 [Paper]
  • Commuting in America; Developing a National Report From National Survey Sources, Weinberger, 2016 [Paper]
  • How to Choose and Use National Datasets, Weinberger, 2016 [Paper]
  • Origin-Destination Trips by Purpose and Time of Day Inferred from Mobile Phone Data, Alexander et al., 2015 [External Link]
  • A Multi-Scale Analysis of Urban Form and Commuting Change in a Small Metropolitan Area (1990-2000), Horner, 2007 [External Link]
  • Disaggregate Jurney-to-Work Data: Implications for excess Commuting and Jobs — Housing Balance, O’Kelly and Lee, 2005 [External Link]
  • Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources For Better Freight Flow Analysis and Planning, Ambite, et al., 2002 [Paper]

CTPP Utility Reports for 2006-2010 CTPP Data

  • Assessing the Utility of the 2006-2010 CTPP Five-Year Data (Information Gathering, User Survey and Peer Exchange) [Report][Appendix]
  • Assessing the Utility of the 2006-2010 CTPP Five-Year Data (Utility Assessment) [Report][Appendix A][Appendix B]
  • Assessing the Utility of the 2006-2010 CTPP Five-Year Data (Summary Report) [Report]