Equity Analysis (EA) comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are many resources available to help the analysts along their way. The CTPP program is one resource that can help. As part of its mission, the CTPP Oversight Board has established an active committee of data users who are involved in “doing” Equity Analysis. The group wants to contribute to the greater discussion of better equity analysis across the board for transportation planning and project issues. These efforts do not take the place of any current/future project analysis for environmental documentation, rather it provides resources in analysis that contribute to the greater discussion. Given their hands-on experience, this group is developing this webpage to help other users conduct their analyses.

Background Knowledge

Transportation agencies that manage federally funded programs and projects are responsible for ensuring that their plans, programs, policies, services, and investments benefit everyone in their jurisdictions equitably. Historically, certain individuals and communities, including those from minority, low-income, and limited English proficiency (LEP) populations, have not benefited equitably from transportation investments and programs. Understanding the impacts of transportation investments on these individuals and communities and taking steps to address inequities are critical functions of transportation agencies (source: Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes, Volume 1: Guide (2020)). Below are some additional relevant resources.

CTPP Resources Related to EA