Brief History of CTPP


1990 Purchase

The 1990 CTPP data product was paid for by the States and MPOs through a coordinated effort between NARC, AASHTO and FHWA with AASHTO providing the fiscal management. This is a copy of the data purchase request sent from the respective associations to their members.

CTPP 1990 Purchase Solicitation

1990 Outreach

Accompanying the 1990 CTPP data, a training class was developed along with several other outreach and promotional materials. One item was a video directed to county executives and elected officials on the value, use and application of the CTPP data. Available on the “BTS SMART Project” CD, the CTPP video was released in 1993. At 21.5 minutes the video represents a complete and succinct overview of the CTPP data with a brief history, testimonials and project examples. The information for the most part is still relevant today.

1999 Datagate

First ever “live” video-web broadcast of a TRB event. It occurred at a NHTS/data conference held in July 1999 at the Watergate Hotel. The featured session was a look into “The Reality of the ACS for Transportation“. At the time, ACS was more commonly known as Continuous Measurement and was still being tested. The ACS officially launched in 2005. Highlights from the session include Chip Alexander, the leading architect of the ACS and Phil Salopek who spoke very candidly about some issues the transportation community should be aware of. The highlighted link will take you to a web page developed for the broadcast but never launched. You can watch any or all of the the presentations. See what the transportation community thought about the promise of ACS. Accompanying the ACS session is a companion session dealing with incorporating GPS into travel surveys.


Four page History of the CTPP/UTPP from its inception up to the new millennium.

2000 Purchase

For the 2000 data purchase AASHTO and the states assumed sponsorship and payment for CTPP data tabulations.

2000 Training

Digital Guidebook/Outreach

This self-pace workbook is loaded with the CTPP basics, exercises, interesting graphics and much more. To run the workbook you will need to download the guidebook, extract it and all its contents, then run the CTPP.exe file. It is worth the effort. Included in the zipped file are 13 pdfs. They are referenced in the workbook and provide a wealth of “inside” information and some advanced training exercises like how to create new cross tabulations using Iterative Proportional Fitting and CTPP data. “Seat-time” to complete the workbook modules is estimated at 5 hours.

2000 Video


A CTPP Day: This 7 minute modern day melodrama, set in 2000, focuses on a typical day in the life of an MPO Executive Director and the importance of the CTPP. Make sure to watch the out-takes at the end. The video is still used to conclude the current 2-day training class. Besides the Digital Guidebook and Video, a coordinated traveling conference booth exhibit and brochure was also developed for the 2000 CTPP data.