Census Data for Transportation Planning

Preparing for the Future

May 11-13, 2005
Conference CD

In May 2005 about 100 transportation planning professionals met to discuss their use of Census data; review current plans for the ACS, ACS related research and future transportation data needs; and to recommend actions to improve the use of current census products. Presented on this CD are the presentations, resource papers and other materials presented at the conference. A MAJOR highlight of the conference which spurred the development of this CD was the presentation of 20 posters focusing on the use of census data products.


Disclaimer: The compilation of this CD was an independent action and is not necessarily a product of the conference organizers, sponsors or cosponsors. It was put together as a resource for those interested in subject matter. It does not represent the formal conference proceedings which will be published by Transportation Research Board in 2006.

Final Conference Program: This PDF file has contains links to many of the presentations and helps form the context for them on this CD.


Original Call for Posters

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Visit this page to see the Abstracts, Photos, papers and files submitted by the authors for each of the 20 Posters on display during the conference
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Constructing a Road Map

for the Application Posters
by Ed Christopher


Resource Papers

The Journey to Work in the
Context of Daily Travel

by Nancy McGuckin

International Experience in
Journey-to-Work Data fromNational Censuses

by Ram Pendyala

Impacts of Various Sample Sizes
in the ACS

by Ronald Eash

Confidentiality Issues Related to
Transportation Industry Use of Census Data

by David Banks and Jerry Reiter

The Census ACS and the New
Generation of Travel Models

by Debbie Neimeier



Many of the presentations are available as either a PDF, PPT or PPS

It’s All About the Workers:
The Importance of Comprehensive Worker Counts

by Alan Pisarski

Improving the Quality of Labor
Force Estimates from the American Community Survey

by Thomas Palumbo

Status Report on the Operations
and Plans for the ACS
by Lawrence McGinn

ACS Data Products for Use in
Transportation Planning
by Phil Salopek

Overview of the Local Employment
Dynamics (LED) Program

by Jeremy Wu

Learning to Use the ACS for
Transportation Planning: Key

Concepts and Potential Products

by Kevin Tierney

Data Sources Used for
Transportation Planning Purposes

by Dan Hess

Case Study of SANDAG Uses

by Bill McFarlane

Case Study of Using LED to
Measure Primary and

Secondary Jobs

by Jeremy Wu




Census 2000 Applications:
What Worked and What Didn’t Work

comments by Ken Cervanka

Participant Reactions to the ACS


by Chuck Purvis

Workshop on Products and Data Availability

comments by Dunbar Brooks




Alan Pisarski
George Duncan

Steve Polzin