The CTPP is a State DOT-funded, cooperative program that produces special tabulations of American Community Survey (ACS) data that have enhanced value for transportation planning, analysis, and strategic direction. Additionally, the program provides universal access to that data, funds and conducts research, and provides training and technical assistance to the transportation planning community, all to increase understanding of the needs of the traveling public in support of policy and programming decision making.

Census data on demographic characteristics, home and work locations and journey to work travel flows are key inputs to a variety of state, regional and local transportation policy and planning efforts. They also support corridor and project studies, environmental analyses and emergency operations management.

In 1990, 2000, 2006, and again in 2014, AASHTO partnered with all of the states to support the development of special census products and data tabulations for transportation. These census transportation data packages have proved invaluable in understanding characteristics about where people live and work, their journey to work commuting patterns and the modes they use for getting to work.

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