Welcome to the CTPP Transportation Analysis Zones (TAZ) page.  The information here will help you in your effort to understand, delineate and manage TAZ and the TAZ process.

MAF/TIGER Partnership Software Participant Guidelines will provide participants with the following information:

  • TAZ MTPS Installation and Data Download Procedures
  • TAZ/TAD Overview and Criteria
  • TAZ/TAD Delineation Options
  • How to use the TAZ MTPS for TAZ/TAD delineations
  • How to use the TAZ MTPS to Verify delineations
  • How to submit final delineations to the Census Bureau
  •  TAZ MTPS tools and functionality
  • How to create multiple work units out of one State DOT/MPO TAZ/TAD delineation project.
  • Block Resolution Guidelines

TAZ Delineation Webinar (Originally webcast 02/25/11)

Webinar Presentation Materials

Webinar Resource Materials

TAZ FAQs This PDF contains a number of questions and answers about TAZ Delineation criteria and guidelines, the TAZ MAF/TIGER Partnership Software (MTPS) TAZ delineation software, software shapefile data downloads, the TAZ program in general and how it relates to CTPP and the American Community Survey.  If your question is not answered here please send your question by clicking this linkUpdated March 11, 2011.

CTPP TAZ Delineation Contact List This excel spreadsheet contains contact information for each individual state and MPO responsible for TAZ Delineation.  Uploaded March 9, 2011

ARC TAZ Delineation Strategic Plan Some helpful information from the Atlanta Regional Council on their TAZ delineation effort. Uploaded February 22, 2011

TAZ Delineation Business Rules  Guidance and information on the software parameters for TAZ delineation software.  Uploaded August 2010