The CTPP data product based on 2006 – 2008 3-year American Community Survey (ACS) Data is designed to help transportation analysts and planners understand where people are commuting to and from, and how they get there. The information is organized by where workers live, where they work, and by the flow between those places.

The link below will take you to the CTPP data product based on 2006 – 2008 3-year ACS Data.

The Data Product is a special tabulation of census data designed by transportation planners, for transportation planners. The Data Product contains commuter flows, not available in other data sets. This Data Product is limited to geographies with populations 20,000 or greater. It contains over 200 tabs and cross tabs and will help planners answer such questions as:

  • How many people live here and work there?
  • What’s the average commute time to my city?
  • How many or what percentage of workers use transit in my MSA?
  • What is the average income of workers commuting from the suburbs to the city?
  • What industries are located in my city?
  • What proportion of transit users are automobile owners?
  • What percentage of work trips are made in carpools?
  • What proportion of people telecommute?


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